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Work With the Best


My Staffing Resources was developed out of the growing need to have one source to turn to when searching for a specific type of staff/employee. Founded by the director of Home Health Care Resources Corp. who saw the need first hand to reach new qualified candidates directly from the very best sources. We work directly with the very best Educational Institutes to have their graduates register and immediately open the possibilities of employment to a larger market of potential employers.


Our mission is to provide a clear-cut way to bridge the gap between employers looking for qualified staff/employees and new potential applicants searching for a great employer. Facilitating the method of finding applicants that fit the specific needs and qualities the employer needs by making it an effortless and worry-free process.


To build a network of qualified professional employees/staff and the solution to your immediate and long-term staffing needs. Whether you are seeking the perfect job or are an employer seeking quality employees, we aspire to provide the perfect venue for you to explore and find the right match that fits the requirements you are searching for.

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